Get me started

Take the first step towards presenting yourself professionally as an athlete. You can only make a first impression once, so make sure you do it properly.  The ‘get me started’ package gives you 3 hours of personal advise on how to market yourself towards sponsors, federations, other athletes, … Based on your individual needs, we create a next steps plan to maximize your potential.

During the sessions we also provide you with hands-on tips and tricks to get noticed by potential sponsors and how to approach them.

What do you get?

  1. Intake meeting (90’ video call)
  2. Sponsorship dossier (6-8 page pdf for you to send to potential sponsors)
  3. Sponsorship dossier (5 printed booklets to hand out)
  4. Next steps plan (1 page road map for the next 12 months)
  5. Follow-up meeting (90’ video call)


What we need from you?

  1. Motivation and determination to reach the next step
  2. Images, images, images (royalty-free, or with approval from the photographer)
  3. Personal info
  4. Career highlights

Price: 750€ (excl.VAT)


  • Intake meeting: 5-10 days after your order
  • Sponsorship dossier + next step plan in your mailbox: 10 working days after the intake meeting
  • Follow-up meeting: 4 – 6 weeks after delivery of dossier
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