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For athletes who want to take it a bit further, we created the next level package. This includes the get me started package (3h meetings, sponsorship dossier, next step plan), a professional website and social media advice. Social media and tags are great, but in the corporate world having a website that presents your partners and links to their website can be of great value. The news feature gives you the opportunity to present news more businesswise and a website is often used by press to reach out for interviews and additional information.


What do you get?

  1. Intake meeting (90’ video call)
  2. Sponsorship dossier (6-8 page pdf for you to send to potential sponsors)
  3. Next steps plan (1 page road map for the next 12 months)
  4. Follow-up meeting (90’ video call)
  5. Website (wordpress)
    1. One language
    2. Home/about/team/sponsors/news/contact/instagram intergration
    3. Personal email addresses with your own domain name
    4. Hosting, domain, news updates first 12months (after €350/year, max 24 news updates). Website updates not included.
  6. Social media advice (see details here)


What we need from you?

  1. Images, images, images (royalty-free, or with approval from the photographer)
  2. Videos (idem)
  3. Personal info
  4. Career highlights
  5. Logo’s (high res) of your sponsors

Price: 2950€

Order your ‘next level’ package now


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